Wilson Learning

UI/UX Design

The largest issue with the previous website was the usability. The layout was reminiscent of early Web 1.0 days with an aside bar, left navigation, short pages and triple stacked header navigation. This poor UX combined with too much unconvincing copy and a dated color scheme is what led the client to our agency.

I began with research to better understand their services and requested client feedback by questionaire. I decided to consolidate several parent pages' content in order to lower the click depth and change the focus explicitly to user identified personas; where information could be specifically written to corporate roles, their responsibilities and pinch points. Wireframing these concepts helped me develop the story and the shift in presentation both for myself and to ensure sign-off from the client as to the appropriate user flow. I created a coded scalable pattern library defining specific fonts, colors and UI elements so I could explicity call out my intentions to our developers and I used variations of this library as a mood board so the client could be involved in the visual direction of their refined brand.

Agile sprints allowed us to shorten the project timeline and remain unified throughout the process. I implemented a QA feedback tool that more seamlessly married developed pages with internal/client comments and tasks; something our conventional project management tool couldn't afford us.

The launch was a success. Our ongoing paid search, social and SEO campaigns ensured the site received a lot of traffic. A/B testing and user testing ensured the site grew with the data we were collecting.